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A couple of cool ones sent in by our buddyUFOSteve.
Cheers pal!!

Here are two demo sets by Michael Schenker
but don't think I've seen them on HRC.

MSG-1979-In Studio Session
With Billy Sheehan on bass and Denny Carmassi on drums
and Gary Barden vocals.
Early ideas for his first solo album nice sounding stuff with a few riffs you may recognize
none of the versions made the MSG album as he used
famed session men Mo Foster, Don Airey and Simon Phillips.


MSG-Assault Attack Demos 1982
With Cozy Powell on drums and Chris Glen on bass.
Pity no Graham Bonnet vocals all instrumental tracks.
Also has very good sound on this and some tracks that have never been used.


They Can Rock You Too
UFO offshoot band Waysted captured back in'83 in Denmark.
Supporting somebody it would seem going by the length of the set.
Iron Maiden perhaps?
The music isn't too far removed from UFO and a lot of their songs with Fin wouldn't have sounded out of place on some of those 80's UFO albums.
Very good audience recording from a fine Hard Rock band.

He Feels Like Walking Dynamite...
Another very nice audience recording here.
This time from Black Star Riders playing live in the city that never sleeps.
A good mix of their own songs and some of those Thin Lizzy classics.
I bought their cd All Hell Breaks Loose and very good it is too.
The strange thing is if they had kept the Thin Lizzy name I wouldn't have bought it.
The name change for me and them was a good move.

Crankin'Up My Favourite Station...
Back to the 80's again for some of that Big Hair Rockin'.
One of the better bands of the era, Icon.
Razor sharp Riffs,Screaming Vocals more Hard Rock than Hair Rock.
This I'm pretty sure is out of print I think it was released back in the late 90's.
Or if you can find it it costs a pretty penny.
Sound isn't steller but it's good enough.
If anybody knows for sure the availability of the cd let us know.


Born To Kick Your Ass!!
Excellent soundboard recording from one of the Godfathers of Metal,Motorhead.
Lemmy is in fine form here backed up by a nice setlist.
Strap yerself in...!!


Lightning Strikes Twice!
OR...Two Men Walk Into A Bar!
Here's Somethin'You DON'T See (Or Hear!) Everyday...ALonnie MackBootleg!
Especially, a SBD One! Great Sound Quality Here! And Great Rockin'Blues From A Master With His Flying-V!
PLUS, Notice The TWO Men Who Walk Into This Bar and Join Mr. Mack On Stage, For The Last TWO Songs!
You'll Wanna Get THIS One...(I Still Wished I Could Find The Pat Travers/Lonnie Mack - Johnson City, TN Bootleg I Once Had!)...
IF You Go To WIKI and Search Lonnie Mack It'll Tell You He Was Born In Dearborn County, Indiana (The SAME County I Was BORN In - Probably The SAME Hospital, As There's ONLY The ONE!)...
Specifically, He was From The Little Town Of Aurora, Indiana - Just Down The Road From Lawrenceburg, Where I Was Born AND My Crazy Uncle Gene Still Lives (Just a Couple Miles From Said Hospital!)
SO, I'd Say I'm A Little Biased - Seein'As How WE Are From The SAME Place, SE Indiana! ONLY, Lonnie's about 20 Years Older Than Yours Truly!
NOTE:Guitar Players - What Part Or Extension of a Guitar Gets It's Name From A Lonnie Mack Song?
From The COMMENTS Section:
NOTE:Yep, Lonnie Used It on his 1963 Hit Instrumental Single - WHAM!

When the Lightning Strikes...
Description: ...Can't cha Hear the Thunder!
StyxMan sent THIS One In!
It's A Super-Excellent Vinyl Rip! Clean and Awesome Soundin'
PLUS, It's Just a Very Cool Hendrix Release - Post-Humous in 1975!
Carl Perkins'(Cadillac) Blue Suede Shoes Is Awesome!
Notice That Tony Bongiovi, Cousin Of Jon Bongiovi (Bon Jovi), IS One Of The Producers! He was Famous For His Own Recording Studio: Powerstation...

Can't Miss At That Range...
Point Blank, For Those That Don't KNOW, Where/Are? A Southern Rock Band From Texas...
They Mix Hard Rock& The Southern Stuff for a Nice Rockin'Tight Sound!
NOTE: IF You've Already D/L The Miami, FL Show That Was Posted Here Years Ago - Then You Already HAVE THIS ONE!
It's a BBC Rock Hour Show, So You KNOW The Quality's There!
ALSO, Point Blank Is Honed To a Sharp Point - Ready To Slice& Dice - From Extensive Touring Back Then...Playin'More Than 200 Shows a Year!
They scored a Hit Record With"Nicole"- Which Made it into the Top 40, Just BARELY! It peaked at #39!
Mean To Your Queenie Is One Of Their MOST Popular Songs In Concert! PLUS, It's One Of Those Songs MOST Everyone CAN Relate To - Especially IF You're Married or Have a Girlfriend!
NOTE: IF Mrs. Rocket Ain't Happy - Ain't NOBODY In The House HAPPY!
SO, You Gotta Treat'Em Right!
ALSO, Point Blank DO a KILLER Version Of Purple's Highway Star (Yes, I Are!)...
SO, IF'n You DIDN'T Get This One Years Ago - Here's Your Chance Again!

Here's ANOTHER Show From The SAME TOUR - The AMERICAN EXCE$$'81 Tour!
This One's a King Biscuit Show - So, AGAIN - Quality's NOT an Issue!
Either This IS NOT The FULL Show OR They Were Openin'Up For Someone (Which IS Probably The Case...)!
Anyway - Great Hard Southern Rock!
These Guys Were Managed By Bill Ham (ZZ Top's Manager) And Their Records Were Produced By Terry Manning...
What Is And NEVER Shall Be...
A Recent Appearance From"The Former Singer of Led Zeppelin!"@ The Glastonbury Festival...
Plant's Doin'His Own Thing These Days (And For Quite Some Time Now) AND He's ALSO Performin'Led Zep Tunes - In His OWN Way!
AND, He's Quite Vocal About NOT Doin'aLed ZeppelinReunion Tour...
I'm NOT Really Into His"World Music"Vibe - It's Just NOT My Thing...
SO, This One's Here For Those That Can And Do Dig It!
Different Tastes In Music Makes Music NOT Boring, Among Other Things!
Play It How Ever You Want AND Enjoy!
Robert Plant - Glastonbury14
We Came From The West Virginia Coal Mines...
Anybody RememberAmerican Minor?
A Band I Featured a Few Years Ago...Solid Classic Rock With Great Songs, Vocals, Wailin'Guitars, and a Rock Solid Rhythm Section Holdin'It All Down?
Hailing From Huntington, West Virginia (Although Many Sources - That Are WRONG - Say Charleston, WV...) Just Across the Kentucky Border, Down the Road a piece From Hear Rock City!
Well, I Tracked Down Their 1st Demos From 2002 That Led to Their Signin'to Jive Records - And From There to The Big Time - NOT!
A Band That Did Everything RIGHT - And Still Didn't Make It!
We've Heard This Story Before...Seems Like!
There's Just 4 Songs Here, AlthoughBreakDID End Up On Their One and ONLY Full Length CD! Although, It's in a Much Rawer Version Here! The OTHER Songs Went Unreleased!
Here's Their First Official Release - The Buffalo Creek EP (Extended Play) from 2004!
Just 4 Songs Again BUT Very Good Rockers, With ONLY the 1st 2 Songs Makin'The Cut To The Final Debut CD (Again, Slightly Different Versions!)...
They Even GotBenmont Tench(Original Member of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers!) to Play the Hammond on This Thing!
American Minor - Buffalo Creek EP
While We're At It - Here's That Long Player (LP) or CD (Compact Disc) to Be More Exact...
All Killer And No Filler!
Played and Sung With A Passion and Purpose Of A Fired Up Baptist Preacher!
They EVEN Call Out The Cheaters and Non-Believers!
I Still Listen To This Ever So Often!
American Minor - American Minor
Also, I Found THIS!
It's Supposed to Be American Minor - Live In Atlanta Back in2004!
It's Supposed to Be aJive Records Promotional CD!
BUT, I'm Very Suspect Of It!?!
ONE REASON - The Front Cover:
I Made THIS One For the Live In Atlanta2006Bootleg I Posted - Way Back!
ANOTHER REASON: They Have The Exact SAME Setlists!

YOU Can D/L and COMPARE...'Cause I'm Terrible at Identifying Bootlegs That Are The Same!
AMERICAN MINOR - Live In Atlanta04

American Minor - Atlanta2006

From TheCOMMENTSSection:
Ringo firesaid...
"Another great band I first heard - and then bought - on HRC! 
Thanks Rocket. 
Those 2 shows are the same for sure! 
They both rock!"
BUT, Wait - There's MORE!
Bud Carroll- The Awesome Guitar Player for American Minor STILL is in the Huntington, WV Music Scene Quite a Bit...It's NOT unusual for Him to Show Up in Local Bars& Clubs and Jam with Local Bands - PLUS...
Several Years Ago He Put Together aNEW BAND-AC30!
NOTE:Yeah, You GUITAR PLAYERS out there WILL Immediately Know From Which ThatNAMEComes!
YOU CAN Check Them Out -HERE!
AND, IF You DO Pick Up Their Music AND Find Yourself in NEED Of Some Cover Artwork ('Cause MOST Digital D/L ONLY Come With a FRONT COVER,'Cause They're assumin'you're gonna Play it on Your iThingy...) - You can Get It Right Here From HRC!
NOTE: I Combined The Single With The Full-Length CD!
ALSO There's The Bud Carroll SOLO CD"At Least I Can Still Smoke In My Car,"as Well!
You Can Check It OutHERE!
Bud Pretty Much DID The Whole CD Himself (Except for a Few Exceptions):"Bud Carroll wrote the songs, sang them, played the instruments, engineered them, and bled for it."




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