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Latest From Blackberry Smoke's Management
Description: Alrighty I've exchanged a couple of emails with Trey,Blackberry Smoke's manager.
Seems the problem was the tracks recorded for TRI.
I offered to remove those tracks and post the others or just delete the post for good.
I get the feeling he knows we're not out to hurt the band and our intentions are only good.
Even though we're only a small site people do hear about bands they may not have heard of otherwise.
Which leads to buying their product and or going to a show.
Anyway we've now got permission to put the post back up all tracks included.
It just goes to show if bands or representatives have a problem with anything on the site it
can be removed or we can work it out.
Thanks Trey!

You can also watch the videos from TRI here.

Here's the final email including their taping policy.

We get it, we have a taping policy (see below) We realize that a lot of people discover the stuff through blogs like yours. The TRI stuff is on their site, they are somewhat protective over the content. I'm good with it being up with the radio stuff on there. 

Blackberry Smoke allows audio recording at most concerts. We ask that all tapers respect venue policies as well as fellow concert-goers’ personal space and view of the show. Limited space may be available at front-of-house near the soundboard at some shows for your equipment only – please heed any and all requests by the crew and venue staff if attempting to set up equipment in that area. Photography is allowed, but no professional still cameras or video cameras are permitted without appropriate media credentials.
Blackberry Smoke supports the free and non-commercial distribution of live audience recordings. If you have such a recording that you would like to have listed on other sharing sites, send a message to Include your name, the concert date, venue/city, and an email or url that can be accessed. No soundboard feeds are allowed.
If you have other media you would like to share, we encourage you to upload photos, video, and comments for any show.
I'm Gonna Sing My Song With The Whipoorwill...

Put into the c/box byBigFootKit,cheers buddy!
And if BFK doesn't stand for that I'm going to look like a right tit!!
Anyway that c/box moves pretty fast these days,
links are flying in and out all
the time.I've just noticed Rocket has started a c/box link section along with the re-ups.
Worth checking out.
Here it is on the main page so nobody misses it.
Blackberry Smoke radio sessions.
So you know the quality is going to be excellent.
At lot of it's stripped back and they play it like they mean it.
Thanks again.


Would You Like To Go To Heaven Tonight?

A cool double bill sent in byUFOSteve.
Cheers Buddy!!

A full concert with UFO as guests for Cheap Trick in New Jersey 1978
with Paul Chapman on guitar,Schenker left five weeks earlier.
Not to return until 1993.
The UFO show is a dvd rip with a very raw sound but good, only seven songs long as they were the support band!
The Cheap Trick is an FM show from 102.7, 
WNEW-FM New York, NY USA from the Heaven Tonight tour
sixteen tracks long with the guitars loud in the sound mix.

Cheap Trick 1978

UFO 1978

Have Mercy...!
A pretty good audience recording from that little ol'band from Texas.
A few songs on this I'm not familiar with.
I'm kind of sketchy with ZZ after the 80's.
Great sounds from three guys with Billy G. at the forefront with that dirty guitar sound of his.

Charlotte I Hear You Calling
Here's the audio from last nights webcast that you could watch live.
Kiss and Def Leppard are touring together and it seems to be a good match up doing very well together.
No surprises from Kiss but it's entertaining Rock'n'Roll they're playing well they involve the audience and they've got an impressive stage show.
And they don't mind if you post their stuff!


From Blackberry Smoke Management?
Description: Hello my name is Trey Wilson I manage Blackberry Smoke. You are distributing copy written material by the band which is illegal.
While we appreciate your effort to promote the band we can't have everyone putting put their stuff.
Please take this down IMMEDIATELY or you can face prosecution.
Please let me know this is done, you have 12 hours get this done.

Sent from Trey Wilson's iPhone please excuse any misspelled wrods.

I've taken down the most recent post by BBS so hopefully that will be that.
If anything else needs done let us know.
In order to keep the site going we have no problem complying with these requests.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part...
Very nice audience recording from Tom and the gang.
From the Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) Tour.
A sweet setlist from this legendary writer and performer.
A new album from them,Hypnotic Eye is due on the 28th.
By all reports it's in the style of the first couple of albums.
Sounds like it's going to be another quality release.
Can't wait for that one.


Metal From Steel Town
Fine stuff from Saxon back in'91.
From Motherwell,Scotland just outside Glasgow for those who take an interest.
Not a venue I'm aware of that was a stopping off point for many bands.
I could be wrong but"Hello Motherwell"just doesn't sound right.
From the Solid Ball Of Rock Tour which I thought was a pretty good album.
Saxon have managed to survive all the changes and genres in Rock
we've had over the years and are still going strong.
I've got my ticket for December.

MAY God Save The QUEEN...
Here's Yet ANOTHER Guitar Virtuoso - Brian May!
One Of The Men Responsible for that Great and Awesome QUEEN Sound!
This Is An Excellent Soundin'Concert, Also, Featuring the Late Great Cozy Powell behind the Drum Kit!
It was recorded in 1993...
You Like Queen - You NEED To Hear This!
Again, Not Much To Add To That...
D/L and Play LOUD and Enjoy!

UPDATE! **************************

Here's a BETTER and MORE COMPLETE Version of This Concert!
Apparently taken from 2 Different Sources...
DAMN! This Is Good!
With A Little Help From Our Friends

Lots of chatter in the CBox about this set. ufosteve and myself have been looking for this set (along with alot of others). Can't say how many emails ufosteve and I have exchanged about this disc; it was a mother to find this one! A BIG thanks goes out to HeepFreak for the original links and BFK for the artwork. Greatly appreciated on this end! As usual, the good people here at Hear Rock City step up when some of us get stumped (we're not perfect'ya know). Short set of tunes on this one, but excellent studio quality. Why Chapman got sacked from Waysted is still a mystery to me.

NOTE: Just Wanna Add an Amen! Buck..."As usual, the good people here at Hear Rock City step up..."
DAMN! Don't WE Have the Best Folks Show Up @ HRC?