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Common Deer - Stereo Specter - Illyin Pipes - The Max Tribe beehivecandy
Common Deer- Wait!

Background -Some artists want to shine a light in the darkness. Common Deer come bearing an arsenal of floodlights. The band’s stirring new single “Wait!”is proof that the powerful Toronto quintet stand apart as a vessel of uplift, a call for camaraderie, and an act of resistance against jaded nihilism. The song is the first off their second EP “II” which lands on September 8, 2017.

With two sets of siblings, several multi-instrumentalists, and a determination to push the boundaries of classical music, Common Deer offer a glimpse of hope in a world overwhelmed by complex issues and insecurities. Vocalist Graham McLaughlin describes“WAIT!” as “an awakening to a social climate we didn't anticipate, a recognition that strength is in numbers and ideas only if they are inspired and connected.” He adds that “the song urges people to confront ignorance. We really feel like there's no time to waste.”

The lyrics of vocalists McLaughlin (guitar, violin, vocals) and Sheila Hart-Owens (keyboards, vocals) reflect the zeitgeist: the anxiety of the modern age is met with a crying out for a sense of connection.“Trying to create light in the darkness; it’s a mentality we share,” says Graham. Nevertheless, Common Deer are not blind optimists peddling escapism; their live shows are joyous, celebratory affairs, rich with rousing, orchestral pop sound built for festival stages. The line-up is rounded outby Adam Hart-Owens (cello, guitar, synth), Liam Farrell (percussion, synth, samples) and Connor Farrell (bass).

Featuring synths, drum machines, and modern riffs, Common Deer took nearly three years to prepare their 2017 debut EP, I, produced by Laurence Currie (Hey Rosetta!, Wintersleep). The band’s follow-up EP, II, came together much more quickly. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY with lauded Producer Gus Van Go (Arkells, Whitehorse), II balances the energy of Common Deer’s infectious live shows with electronic percussion, layered strings, and an increased synth presence. Websitehere.

'Wait!'is vigorous and sparkling right from the opening moments. Music and vocals are dynamically crafted, and above all else the song is massively catchy.


Stereo Specter- Animal.

Background -The Nashville alt rock outfit drops a new sci-fi inspired track ahead of their debut record, Eidolon, out this fall. The brainchild of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Dean, Stereo Specter is the culmination of Dean's time spent chasing the pavement as a staff songwriter on Music Row coupled with his lifelong passion for all things vintage sci-fi.

Partnering with co-producer Allen Parker (Dan Auerbach, J Roddy Walston), Dean plays every instrument (minus drums) and writes every song found on Eidolon.

"When I hear what’s going on in music nowadays, it seems like people are worrying more about production and less about creating a memorable song that you can play on a guitar or a piano that people will want to listen to in five years," 

Dean muses."I’m trying to write stand alone songs first and then produce them uniquely. It was also really important to me that I played every note on the EP myself. I just wanted it to be the purest expression of me, you know? I’ve worked with other producers and writers... I've been dressed up by stylists, but I've never been satisfied with all that. This time around, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just become what I wanted... and that's Stereo Specter."Websitehere, Facebookhere.

With vintage sci-fi slowly giving way to a more powerful musical soundtrack'Animal'starts on a high and keeps up the momentum allowing the vocals to emerge and develop from deep in the mix.


Illyin Pipes- Waking Up.

Background -Waking Up is a nostalgic look at a carefree summer, but the sunshine is enveloped with a dark undertone. 

It filmed the video while the band was touring in England and it hints at the EP’s theme as a whole. 

“I was struggling with a few things while trying to maintain an illusion of positivity and balance.

The dichotomy of stability and disorder is present in‘Waking Up’ as well as the remainder of the EP’s songs, even if that wasn't intentional when we wrote them.” - Jill (vocalist of Illyin Pipes). Facebookhere.

Rich, sprightly synths launch'Waking Up'. Distant dreamy vocals gently ebb their way into the atmospheric song, with the video adding some further expression to a very fine song.


The Max Tribe- Hello.

Background -Boston-based indie psych rock outfit The Max Tribe are excited to share"Hello,"the first single from their forthcoming LP Retrofit. Vocalist Austin Max describes the meaning behind the track:“It started as a love song, but towards the end of the writing process it turned into a breakup song surrounding an affair. It's somewhat dark, yet has a bright chorus that reflects how the antagonists bad choices are clear and transparent.”

The Tribe was born in 2013 when Nashville native Austin Max (Guitar/Vox) united with Northern Virginia Native Conner Kessler (Drums) at music school in Boston. For a year they developed a psych sound playing around New England. Their debut single,“Tape Machine” was featured on Sound of Boston as one of the top 5 releases of 2015. Max, Kessler linked up with Noah Lubert (Keys/Vox) and Rafael Minerbo (Bass) in 2016. Noah and Rafa contributed to form the intertwined charisma that became the group's signature psych sound. 

Over the course of 15 months, the Tribe wrote and recorded their debut LP Retrofit at 1867 studios due August 2017. In January of 2017, they embarked on a winter tour covering the North and Southeast. They are currently gearing up for their LP release and summer tour of the record. Together, the Tribe creates a unique blend of psych rock with influences stemming from The White Stripes, The Beatles, The Doors, The Black Keys, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, and Cage The Elephant.

The release of Retrofit on August 11th coincides with the start of the band's U.S. tour. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

A funky riff and some tight and refined musicianship allows'Hello'to build into a very engaging alt rock song. The vocals are just right for the music, this is a first rate teaser for the forthcoming album.

Roger Waters 2017-06-27 Los Angeles, CA soundaboard
 Roger Waters 
 Los Angeles, CA 
(for an audience recording)

 01. Speak to Me
02. Breathe
3. One of These Days
04. Time 

05. The Great Gig In the Sky
06. Welcome to the Machine
07. When We Were Young
08. Deja Vu
09. The Last Refugee 

10. Picture That 
11. Wish You Were Here
 12. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 
  13. Another Brick In the Wall, pt. 2
 14. Another Brick In the Wall, pt. 3
 15. Intermission FX (Second Set Intro)
 16. Dogs
 17. Pigs (Three Different Ones
 18. Money \
  19. Us and Them
 20. Smell the Roses
 21. Brain Damage

22. Eclipse
23. Band Introductions

  24. Vera
 25. Bring the Boys Back Home
  26. Comfortably Numb


Roddy Hart&The Lonesome Fire - Ian Randall Thornton - Paperhaus - Ninth Of May - Brass Phantoms - Jaws of Love - Sleepy Limbs beehivecandy
Roddy Hart& The Lonesome Fire- Sliding.

Background -Scottish 7-piece Roddy Hart& The Lonesome Fire's new single’Sliding’ evokes the epic, driving americana you’d associate with such noteworthy artists. If the Scots slang – which gives Roddy Hart& The Lonesome Fire’s “Swithering” its name – suggests any sort of indecisiveness at play, then it’s one that the band whole-heartedly embraced to help push the boundaries of what it felt capable of creating. From the very beginning, this was a group of players eager to change how they approached making a record. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, the band (Scott Clark, Roddy Hart, Andy Lucas, Scott Mackay, John Martin, Geoff Martyn, and Gordon Turner) formed naturally over a number of years as Hart’s own evolution as an artist and songwriter progressed. 

Their first studio album-proper, 2013’s “Roddy Hart& The Lonesome Fire”, was critically hailed for its distinctively dark and atmospheric sound and led to a nomination on the fiercely contested long list for the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Award. Notably, the record also caught the attention of prime time US TV host Craig Ferguson who invited the band to perform on The Late Late Show for CBS that same year, leading to a 5-night residency that played out to a combined audience of over 12 million viewers. A Scottish Variety Award for International Breakthrough Artist of The Year followed, as did a nomination for Best Band at the Spirit of Scotland Awards, and performances at the opening party for the Commonwealth Games and a celebrated show with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra only served to bolster their reputation as a formidable live band; cemented by the huge popularity of their self-curated and much loved“Roaming Roots Revue” for Celtic Connections each year.

The new album“Swithering” is due for release on all formats – including limited edition 180g vinyl – on Middle of Nowhere Recordings, with tour dates to follow. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

'Sliding'is a slick, vibrant and massively likable alt rocker. There is a sense of urgency that eases with the refrain before the energy kicks back in. The music video catches the feeling of the song beautifully.


Ian Randall Thornton- Do You Rise.

Background -Virginia songwriter Ian Randall Thornton, released his lush, atmospheric second single“Do You Rise” a couple of days ago."Do You Rise” is about the search for spirituality, and the elusive nature of such a mystical relationship. It helps balance out the listening experience on Lineage by creating a brief moment of rest and contemplation, in the midst of a dense concept album about family and heritage. 

Sparks of world influence and folk traditions light up different tracks throughout the album, such as the African influences heard in the fretless banjo dancing through“Philadelphia,” and distinctly Appalachian influences mixed with sounds of hope and history in “Dance Upon the Tables.” With “See You Through,” an ode written from a father to his daughter, the album comes to a crescendo of three part harmonies and a unique combination of Asian and Appalachian melodic influences.

Ian Randall Thornton’s sound resides in a delicate balance between Americana, timeless folk, and progressive post-rock. His sound provides a unique tension: the balance of remembering the past and hoping unabashedly for the future. One could see Lineage as a soundtrack to the film of Thornton’s life experiences, carrying secrets of friendship, made from family and for family. Its concept carries a definitive story of the golden threads of family history. In this Thornton finds purpose, writing odes to generations past, with songs such as “See You Through” serving as a guidepost for generations to come. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

The fifth of eleven tracks on the superb'Linage'album is'Do You Rise'. We featured the first single'Who Are We'at the end of June and stated then"I have to say they are all at least as good as the featured song, with a few real gems along the way."Upon reflection, that is something of an understatement, give both featured songs a listen, the rest are all equally superb!


Paperhaus- Go Cozy.

Background -Washington, DC-based, psychedelic rock band, Paperhaus, announce their new LP, Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask?, due out October 6th via Misra Records. Their first single from the new record is"Go Cozy". The forthcoming album was recorded at co-producer and mixer Peter Larkin's studio, The Lighthouse, in Alexandria, VA. The record was mastered by Sarah Register. 

Following up on their debut self-titled LP, Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? marks a turning point for Paperhaus. The album is very deliberately titled, urging listeners to ask questions about the surrounding world, rather than offering listeners the answers. It explores many thematic elements relevant to our modern life, including our reliance on technology, a craving for nature, the increasing rise of more authoritarian ideas along with the division it creates among people around the world, and most importantly what all this means for our relationships with each other. Lead single,"Go Cozy,"is a song about friendship and community, specifically built off their experience in the DC DIY music community. Go Cozy, another active band in the DC scene and housemates of Paperhaus, inspired the track through their open-mindedness and collaborative process in the tight knit music community. 

The band previously released 5 EPs, with their 2011 self-titled EP representing the band's new lineup, consisting of founding member Alex Tebeleff (vocals/synth/guitar), and current members Matt Dowling (vocals/bass), Rick Irby (guitar) and Danny Bentley (drums). The band is inspired by a wide variety of artists, ranging from tastemakers and legends like Bowie and Kraftwerk, to D'Angelo and LCD Soundsystem. In 2013, the band went on a 2 month national tour in support of LoHiLo EP, which received traction from NPR and Washington Post. In 2015, the band debuted their first full length release on NPR First Listen, headlined 9:30 Club for their album release and performed in official SXSW showcases. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

Fifty years on from the"summer of love"and there are plenty of bands currently building on some of those distant original psychedelic days. Paperhaus are one of the best I have heard so far with'Go Cozy'a dreamy, atmospheric song that is imaginative and refined.


Ninth Of May- Bend.

Background -Ninth Of May the completely independent, powerhouse Brisbane 5-piece are back doing what they do best with the release of their new single, and corresponding film clip,‘Bend’. Whilst it is a slight deviation from their previous endeavours, the super heavy guitars, pounding drums, hooky vocals and synth bass of ‘Bend’ are all undeniably “Ninth Of May”. One listen through will reinforce the fact that ‘Bend’ really is a dichotomy, beautiful yet heavyas F! Recorded and produced 100% in-house, ‘Bend’ is an example of a band truly defining their sound and doing things purely on their own terms. Playing to their strengths and relying solely on their own instincts and experience, ‘Bend’ is possibly the strongest release from Ninth Of May todate. As guitarist Ian Jones explains, “We’re pretty good, ay”. 

The accompanying clip for‘Bend’ sees the band reunite with Blueroom Productions, the producer of their previous clip ‘Ramen’, to create a visually spectacular performance clip the likes of which have never been seen before. Some have described it as the perfect blend of predator, a kick ass rock show and hell itself. Other guitarist Matt Wardle agreed adding, “I agree”. 

Perfect for (but not limited to) running, riding, skating, walking, sitting, standing and especially lovemaking,‘Bend’ is the ideal addition to your playlist. So make room and hold on, coz you’re about to be rocked! Facebookhere.

If you are up for a blast of raw rock'n'roll then'Bend'has all of that. Powerful and emotive, the musicianship is polished the vocals expressive. I've jumped the gun with this song& hopefully can swap from the audio track to the music video in a day or so.


Brass Phantoms- City Of Wolves.

Background -Irish fourpiece Brass Phantoms have announced the release of new single City Of Wolves released last Friday. Following on from recent single Waiting Up, which received Irish radio airplay and secured features on Spotify Discover Weekly and BBC 6 Music, City Of Wolves is the latest offering from the Dublin band.

It is a track that further cements Brass Phantoms as one of the most exciting new bands in Ireland and is an indie anthem in the making with its intriguing drum intro, captivating guitar riff, distinct gravelly vocal and soaring pop chorus. The band say;

"City Of Wolves is the track that has enabled us to pinpoint a sound we want to move forward with. It possesses what we strive towards bringing out in our music, and there is a lot of power when we play it live. We hope it's a track that can help us to grow, because we have a lot to come".

Having played headline shows in their home city along with performing at festivals such as Other Voices, Brass Phantoms will be announcing their debut UK headline tour soon. The band will also be performing at Indiependence festival this August. Twitterhere.

The quality of musicianship is notable from the opening chord onwards.'City Of Wolves'is very catchy the vocals& harmonies add some additional edge, I have a feeling we will be hearing more from this band.


Jaws of Love- Jaws of Love.

Background -Local Natives’ songwriter, vocalist and pianist Kelcey Ayer announces his solo debut as Jaws of Love., ‘Tasha Sits Close to the Piano’, set for release via House Arrest digitally on September 22nd, with its gatefold coloured vinyl release available in the UK on 3rd November. The first single and opening track on the album ‘Jaws of Love.’ is available now.

The first solo project born out of the acclaimed Los Angeles band, sees Ayer hone in on his master craft: the emotive piano ballad as highlighted on the five-piece critically acclaimed second album‘Hummingbird’. Kelcey Ayer, the creative force behind Jaws of Love., has always been an ace at writing a good love song - he just didn’t always know it. “I used to think that to write about love, something had to be wrong”, he says. “I often got my material from pain, or insecurity, or problems - I thought I couldn’t write a good love song because I am in love and it’s going so well. But I’ve grown to realise that even in the most amazing relationships there are turbulent times and misunderstandings that are unavoidable. And that doesn’t mean that anything is doomed, but love is such a complicated thing. The idea of ‘jaws of love’ felt so perfect for this project because it’s all about love’s trials and tribulations.”

Recorded as Local Natives geared up to release their third album last summer, when Ayer booked time in the same LA studio, Electro-Vox, where the band had recorded‘Sunlit Youth’, and in a three-day burst he recorded a handful of his own songs with the help of engineer Michael Harris and mixer Cian Riordan. Without any intention of releasing the tracks initially, Ayer allowed his emotional intuition to lead the way in the process. This ultimately yielded powerful results and was an exhilarating experience that led Ayer to decide to continue writing. He returned to the studio later in the year, and - aided by the studio’s myriad synthesizers, antique equipment, preamps, and outboard gear, in addition to drums recorded by Local Natives’ drummer Matt Frazier - Ayer completed his gorgeous solo debut. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

Kelcey Ayer (aka Jaws of Love) first single also entitled'Jaws of Love'is a majestic piano lead song that clearly has been a labour of love in it's making. The vocals are wonderful, the musical arrangement pristine and the passion and heart conveyed throughout.


Sleepy Limbs- Sweet And Sour.

Background -Know Hope Records is thrilled to announce the debut EP from Sleepy Limbs. The self-titled EP will be released on September 22, 2017. Sleepy Limbs, hailing from Lancaster, PA, is Ben Roth, Kory Gable, and Joe Fuscia. All three were previously members of You, Me, and Everyone We Know (South By Sea Records). Sleepy Limbs was formed following the demise of YMAEWK.

“This project was started as You, Me, and Everyone We Know came to an end. Around that same time, Kory and Joe were learning/relearning some of my old songs to play a full band show and we started working on new song ideas I had floating around” Roth said. “The more we worked on new material we started to notice a chemistry between us as a three piece and just kind of went with it and started playing shows and writing more songs, and Sleepy Limbs was born.”

The band will be embarking on an East Coast tour to celebrate the release in September. Dates will be announced shortly. Finally, a message from Ben, Kory and Joe:“Love, time, attention and intention were put into these songs. We hope you feel it, enjoy it and listen loudly.” Facebookhere.

'Sweet And Sour'is a fine rocker of a song, with bags of passion, and vocals that seemingly swirl around immersed in the music, yet coherent enough to convey their desire to be heard.

Dream Lake - Factory Edge - Bunny - Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective beehivecandy
Dream Lake- Midnight Sun.

Background -So the summer is finally here and so is the latest single by the Swedish electro-pop act Dream Lake. Consisting of Isabella Svärdstam and Niklas Willar Lidholm, the band has already released an EP and have quickly stocked up a good number of Spotify plays. That automatically created a demand for more of their music to be out and here is where we’re at exactly, whole new material.

The new single‘Midnight Sun’ is taken from their forth-coming ‘Lux’ LP, and is produced remotely by the duo themselves. Niklas’ and Isabella’s hard labour, irrefutable talent and artistic independence seem to be paying off by having already gained the support of Konbini, The Line Of Best Fit or Ja JaJa Music to name a few.

Airy, dreamy and filled with stunning vocal lines, the single‘Midnight Sun’ holds a soft and steady beat whilst instantly luring the listener into its eerily stunning sound. Playing with the perennial romanticism softly implied by bands like Beach House, M83 or Death In The Afternoon, Dream Lake are about looking skyward and providing the sonic jetpacks vital to getting there. 

The sentimental feel of this chilled summer soundtrack presents the widely respected Scandi winning formula of writing songs filled with skill, value and innovation. Its tempered instrumental atmosphere is given a steady rise and a contrasting sense of melancholia by the distant lead vocals, leaving the listener hopelessly enchanted throughout and wanting more.‘Midnight Sun’ will be available for sale and download everywhere from the 25th August. Facebookhere.

There is still plenty of room for top quality dream pop in the world of music and'Midnight Sun'is that and more. Beautifully layered music where every note seems to have been given careful consideration, is accompanied by lush dreamy vocals, the above comparisons are not out of place.


Factory Edge- The Greatest Is Gone.

Background -Brookyn-based, alternative rock band, Factory Edge, announce their second album, Sunset Park, due out August 4th. Sunset Park was recorded over a sweltering July weekend in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park at the workshop where the band practices. The album tracks are a selection from over 70 musical sketches that were written over the past year. Once the band was satisfied with the tracks, they called upon an old friend, Glen Robinson, who masterly mixed the record in Montreal, Canada. The record was mastered at Sterling Studios in Chelsea, NY. 

Recording took place at the shop with the help of producer/engineer Alex Lipsen of Russell Street Recording (Okkervil River, Nada Surf) who was able to capture the sense of the large open space. Tom Lawson (Drums, Vox), David Rosenstein (Guitar, Vox)& Said Rifai (Bass), laid the basic tracks and continued to layer in additional tracks themselves over the course of the next months. Longtime bandmate and collaborator David Kamm came in and graced the songs with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, harp and vox. Our friend Ryan smith who later mastered the record also plays saxophone on two songs. Jenni Jo added some beautiful backup vocals on several songs.

Many of the words to the songs were written during the course of the recording, knowing from previous experiences that capturing a discovery as it was being experienced for the first time is something that can never be replicated, and has a purity that exists at that moment only. In the context of the ongoing, chaotic presidential campaign and election, you can hear the frustration, confusion, anger, hope and love coursing through these songs. Album track,"The Greatest Is Gone"is an ode to Mohammad Ali, written the week of his passing and celebrating his ability to be true to himself even when it meant possibly giving up fame and fortune. Facebookhere.

Taken from the bands forthcoming'Sunset Park'album we have'The Greatest Is Gone'. Alt rock with an immediately catchy groove, the vocals are immersed in a riff driven song and at just under two& a half minutes, it just begs for a second hearing.


Bunny- Not Even You.

Background -Bunny, formed in Chicago during the winter of 2016, toes the bleary line between dream pop and bedroom rock. 

The first project of Jessica Viscius, their tunes take on a soft grunge feel, mixing dainty, pretty melodies with hazy lyrics delicately laced with sarcasm. 

Her tongue-in-cheek songs are a testament to the tried-and-untrue stereotypes of female frailty, dependency, and hopeless romanticism. Their debut EP, Sucker, will be released later this summer.

Bunny is Jessica Viscius (vocals, guitar), Alexa Viscius (bass), Tim Makowski (guitar) and Shane Prewitt (drums). Websitehere, Facebookhere.

A gentle& understated beginning introduces'Not Even You'which is in no hurry to go beyond emotionally captivating dream pop. There are hints of bedroom rock, whatever the case this is a fine song.


Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective- Moneymouth.

Background -This week, Brisbane's Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective share new single,'Moneymouth'. Inherently a break up anthem,'Moneymouth'is in Max Chillen's words, about:"the morning after, the voicemail you regret, the airing of grievances, and the questioning of your relationship that’s just evaporated before your eyes." 

Drawing from the sounds of post-punk, 2000’s electronica and 80’s new wave, MCKC combine the darkest and most extravagant components of their influences. The result is bittersweet dance music that is invigoratingly off-kilter, whilst maintaining a strong pop sensibility. Mixed by Steve Kempnich (Morning Harvey, Twin Haus) and recorded by Cam Smith (Good Boy, DEAFCULT), the heart-smashing track invites listeners deeper into the MCKC universe, behind their captivating live show that has already garnered the band an infatuated fanbase. 

Seven musicians from vastly different backgrounds come together to form Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective - the figurative love-children of Morrissey and Marr, raised on a strict diet of glitter and LCD Soundsystem records. Two singles, an EP and an east coast tour already under their belt, MCKC have also shared the stage with the UK’s Telegram, America’s absurdist comedian David Liebe Hart, and Australian favourites The Jensens, Cub Sport and Northeast Party House. Facebookhere.

With a band name like this, I was hoping for a good song to justify featuring them.'Moneymouth'is reassuringly worthy of a feature, the vocals are a standout feature, and the musicians are keen not to be left in the shadows, providing a feisty arrangement, ensuring maximum hooks all round.

Major Leagues - Swimming Tapes - Tulipomania - Oly Sherman - The Crowleys - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark beehivecandy
Major Leagues- It Was Always You.

Background -Brisbane garage pop four-piece Major Leagues hae just dropped their debut album'Good Love'. Already receiving rave reviews'downunder'the album is now available across all digital platforms worldwide. 

The band have toured relentlessly over the last three years since their debut EP and have played alongside an exceptional lineup of intenrational and local Australian talent including the likes of Alvvays, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Wye Oak, DMA's, The Preatures and San Cisco. Good Love was produced by acclaimed Australian artist Jonathan Boulet.

Lead-singer Anna Davidson explains,“We went into the studio planning on recording 5 or 6 songs and came out with 12, which was weird... but cool. This is definitely the most collaborative thing we've ever done, which I think comes through in the sound of the record. It sounds more natural and cohesive than our previous stuff. Usually Jaimee and I have very separate writing processes (especially after I moved to Melbourne), but with a lot of these songs, we built them from the ground up together.” Bandcamphere.

Garage pop seems to summarise the melodic and varied sound of Major Leagues.'It Was Always You'provides a good idea of the quality and catchy nature found throughout the new album.


Swimming Tapes- What's On Your Mind.

Background -London-based indie band Swimming Tapes share their new single"What's On Your Mind". The track is from their forthcoming EP'Soft Sea Blue'out September 15th. Earlier this Summer, the band released the first single from the EP,"Queen's Parade,"which has gained support with spins from KCRW, BBC Radio 1 and Beats 1 from the likes of Matt Wilkinson and Elton John, as well as being added as a"New Name"on the Annie Mac show.'Soft Sea Blue'is now available for pre-orders here, as well as a limited edition 12"black vinyl here. 

The now London-based five piece arrived in 2016 with a self released demo track,‘Souvenirs’, which quickly won them acclaim from the blogging world. Follow up tracks ‘Set The Fire’ and ‘Cameos’ saw them reach the top spot on the Hype Machine chart, earned the band their first play from BBC Radio 1, and tipped them well over 2 million track streams on Spotify. Swimming Tapes rounded off the year with the release of their debut EP, named after their first single ‘Souvenirs’, on burgeoning London indie label Hand In Hive, and have firmly cemented themselves as ones to watch for 2017.

"What's On Your Mind"is available digitally now via B3SCI Records (US) and Hand In Hive Records (EU). Facebookhere.

We first featured Swimming Tapes back in May describing their music as"Bright indie music with some appealing vocals and harmonies."With the latest single'What's On Your Mind'it soon becomes apparent that the band have a very special knack for creating this type of song, the September EP release promises to be a good one.


Tulipomania- Don't Be So Sure (Seahawks Remix).

Background -Philadelphia-based Tulipomania has announced they will release a new single, which includes three tracks. The first single from this collection is the Seahawks Remix of‘Don't Be So Sure’.

Seahawks is a duo made up of Jon Tye, founder of the legendary Lo Recordings (whose roster includes Grimes, Aphex Twin, Four Tet, Thurston Moore and Astronauts) and Pete Fowler, creator of Monsterism vinyl toys and perhaps most famed as illustrator of oh so many Super Furry Animals album sleeves. The duo are self-described purveyors of“psychedelic yacht rock, deck shoegaze, hazy beach pop vibrations, and marina drone”. 

Tulipomania, whose name was inspired by the 1637 Dutch tulip market collapse, has been categorized as‘cult synth punks’, ‘glam-leaning’, ‘postpunk’, ‘art rock’, and ‘muscular chamber pop’. Band members Tom Murray (lead vocals, bass, drums, guitar-organ) and Cheryl Gelover (synthesizer, background vocals) were joined by Mitch Smith (guitar, glockenspiel), who also contributed tothe band's eponymous first album, Richard Hartline (piano, percussion, engineering and mastering), and Howard Thompson (executive producer). 

The new three-track single will be available viaSursumcorda Recordingson September 15, 2017. It is already available for pre-order from Tulipomania's Bandcamp pagehere.Websitehere, Facebookhere.

The Seahawks remix for'Don't Be So Sure'is very impressive, considering just how classy the original version is. The remix adds further depth and atmosphere to the song, whilst maintaining the emotion and passion.


Oly Sherman- Monument.

Background -After releasing his first single,’Push Me Down’ in September 2016, Oly Sherman’s flair has become a regular listen on both triple j and triple j Unearthed radio. Sydney has always been a ‘musical smorgasbord’ for new talent in a variety of genres and Oly’s music is no exception to that tradition. Following in the footsteps of Matt Corby, The Paper Kites, and James Blake, Oly’s music reflects the expressive and gentle nature it takes to be a captivating artist.

Oly’s latest offering is ‘Monument’. The new single takes off from where he left off, building on the smoothness of ‘Push Me Down’, into new heights with this driving indie- pop anthem. 

“This song pretty much represents an operation I had earlier in the year. Yet as undesirable as that sounds, it has actually created some super positive outcomes for me, both as a musician and a human being. The song is a basic reminder to anyone that when things aren’t too crash hot, it comes down to the way you think, and the people you’ve got around you. It’s a pretty powerful one for me.” 

Oly, 22, has been enjoying his music for a long time now, and had begun experimenting with his voice 2 or 3 years ago recording for producers and universities. Oly studies music in Sydney, and has been playing shows in and around for the past two or so years. It wasn’t until he released his debut EP titled Embrace did these shows start to become greater in prominence. 

“I’m not only a fan of the music an artist releases, but the way they create perspective with their art, and specifically their live music. I’ve been singing and playing all kinds of instruments for a long time now, but it wasn’t till I saw some really captivating live shows that I thought to myself, this is on another level, I’m definitely up for that.” Facebookhere.

'Monument'is a vibrant& delightful indie pop song, with a high quality musical arrangement. Add in Oly Sherman's incredible vocals and this is one very fine song.


The Crowleys- L.A Sunset.

Background from the band -We just released our first track“L.A. Sunset” from our upcoming EP. It’s a song we've played live that we finally got around to recording.

We are releasing this as our first single because we believe it encapsulated all of our influences and styles. The intro is a fresher sound for us - more relaxed and poppy - that our local listeners may be surprised to hear. 

The body of the song is our more typical psych-surf style to get new listeners familiar with our sound. While the ending is a drawn-out, heavy psychedelic climax to keep people wanting more. Facebookhere.

Fresh vibrant guitars announce the arrival of'L.A Sunset'ahead of a more psych rock development. Fabulous refrains and beautiful twists and turns, ensured I wanted to hear more, even with a sub six minute song.


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- The Punishment of Luxury.

Background -With their 13th studio album‘The Punishment Of Luxury’ out September 1st via 100% Records, synth-pop pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark release new single and the title track impacting September 1st.

'The Punishment of Luxury’ is written, recorded, produced and mixed by OMD – Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys- pairing crushing electro rhythms with characteristically serene melodies sounding unapologetically electronic. 

The track and album are named after an 1891 painting by the Italian divisionist Giovanni Segantini that caught Andy’s eye. Andy explains, “Most people in the western world are materially better off than their predecessors ever were and yet we are unhappier. Now we have many possessions that we don’t need because we’ve been persuaded to buy. This is the punishment of luxury.”

Having played a triumphant sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall in May last year, OMD head back out on the road again this autumn for a string of must-see shows, including a show at The Roundhouse November 13th. Website (includes tour and ticket details) here, Facebookhere.

Oh it's OMD, you don't need me to describe anything surely. Just put their inclusion down to the fact I have been a fan for their music ever since their first 7"single landed on my record deck.'The Punishment of Luxury'just confirms the band still turn out some fine music.

Skyler Cocco - Callum Pickard - The Karpinka Brothers beehivecandy
Skyler Cocco- Parasite.

Background -On her debut album Reverie, Skyler Cocco blends her distinctive sound of effortless and soaring melodies with fuzzy and hook laden guitars in her own unique style of grunge pop. 

Documenting her formative years of loss, grief, and maturation, Reverie became Skyler's journal and process of growth and healing. 

In writing and recording her debut album Reverie, Skyler found her own voice as it became a portrait of her struggles with the loss of her father, depression and anxiety, and developed the maturity and skills to cope and share her experiences. 

The early released singles,"Some Nerve"and"Ordinary Life", solidified her sound with a hybrid of alt-rock, grunge, pop, and electronic elements and dream-like soundscapes and soaring melodies that Pop Matters described as"a unique pop sensibility to heavy, guitar-based rock". Websitehere, FacebookherePhoto - Joe Carrotta.

Grunge pop is something of a juxtaposition, as on paper they are seemingly diametrically opposed (keep up this is a science lesson) however'Parasite'confirms the two can be mixed together without concern. Or in other words, it's a fine and dandy rock meets pop song that delights.


Callum Pickard- June.

Background -‘Callum Pickard& The Third Look’ is the creation of 21 year old singer-songwriter Callum Pickard - a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and profound son of Coventry who is flourishing in the embers of a once integral music scene. After acquiring a band of very close friends, luminous shows including support slots for Kurt Vile's guitarist Steve Gunn,‘Boogarins’,'Ryley Walker', Devon Sproule’,‘Eliza and The Bear’,‘Sun Club’,’Love Revisited’, ’Andy Shauf’ and‘Quilt’ have seen the young group rise to their peers with confidence and impress crowds around the UK.

The band’s enviable fluidity and natural progressions between subtle mood shifts are all a matter of time and inevitability, not overexertion; their tight playing and cohesion a matter of chemistry and obscure maturity, evident whilst watching them play in a live capacity. That unassuming nature, that unhurried essence of intuition is what hails this band a breath of fresh air - relevant, and even subversive, in today’s blanketing musical spheres.

The Third Look, Callum’s backing band now consists of six excellent multi instrumentalists: Daniel Murtagh (Lead Guitar), Laurence Pettite (Synths, Acoustic Guitar, Backing vocals), Daniel Duveen (Keyboards, Drums), Mike Webb (Bass), Christopher Lings (Drums) and Jonathan Pudge (Brass).

CJ Camerieri played the French Horns and Trumpets for‘June’. CJ played in Bon Iver’s band in 2011 and has collaborated with the likes of The Staves/Sufjan Stevens/Paul Simon. He’ll be playing with Paul Simon at this years Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron Dessner Eaux Claire’s Festival. 

Brian Joseph record and engineer the drums for‘June’. He has worked with Sufjan Stevens and The Staves as well as S.Carey, The Fray and mixed and engineered Bon Iver’s second record which won the best Alternative album back at the Grammys in 2011. Facebookhere.

A good while ago The Specials put Coventry on the map for the UK's ska music fans. Perhaps it's time for Callum Pickard and band to do the same again, albeit for a very different musical genre.'June'is a likable indie pop song, with talented musicians, and fabulous vocals, that together remind me in part of Simon& Garfunkel, whatever this is one very catchy song, that I hope will travel well beyond it's home city.


The Karpinka Brothers- You're Worth It.

Background -Meet Saskatoon's finest -- The Karpinka Brothers. If you're not familiar, The Karpinka Brothers are Canada's prolific folk-rock duo known for their extensive catalog of nostalgic and pastiche songwriting. They are making their return with the first single,"You're Worth It", from their upcoming fourth LP, Talk is Cheap.

New LP, Talk Is Cheap, feels like a call to arms. It finds a seemingly impossible balance of sincerity and positivity. When they sing lines like“Where would I be without music in my heart?” You not only believe them, you relate without a trace of irony. The brothers have a longstanding reputation of putting their money where their mouth is, finding a delicate balance between professional musicians and community volunteers. In addition to sharing the stage with influential artists like John K. Samson and Gordon Lightfoot, they’ve played dozens of concerts for residents of a local long-term care residence.

Produced and recorded by Grammy nominee Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, Vic Chestnutt) at his legendary Hotel2Tango in Montréal, Talk Is Cheap is the most realized and expansive Karpinka Brothers album to date. Their eloquent blend of timeless folk and 60s pop songs are complimented by an impressive list of contributing musicians including Mathieu Charbonneau (Timber Timbre) on piano and keys, Jamie Thompson (Unicorns/Islands) on drums and percussion, Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) on violin, Joel Kerr (Sara Slean) on bass, and backing vocals by Krista Muir. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

'You're Worth It'is a feisty folk rocker, that helps explain to a newcomer to The Karpinka Brothers like me, why they get such a positive write up, as in the promo piece above. It would appear that I have a massive back catalogue to work through, not that I am complaining...

Camel - Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo 1980 soundaboard
Prog rock time withCamel, live at the Kosei Nenkin Hall in Tokyo on January 27, 1980 a date from Japanese leg of theI Can See Your Housetour.
Liberated from the unofficial release"Neon Magic", very likely made from the broadcast recording.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Echoes
02 - Hymn To Her
03 - Neon Magic
04 - Medley: Rhayader> Rhayader Goes To Town> Migration> Preparation> Dunkirk
05 - Wait
06 - Nobody Knows


Discolor Blind - The Vacationists - Yoke Lore beehivecandy
Discolor Blind- Black and Grey.

Background -If a musician’s creative output is intrinsically linked to the journey that brought them to that point then it is hardly surprising that Discolor Blind’s debut EP'Long Vivid Dream'is a mercurial blend of flavours and genres. The journey taken by frontman Askhan Malayeri has been one that has taken him from his native Tehran to Cambridge and London and then across the Atlantic to Canada, where he established his own studio and began pulling together all of the ideas that would weave together as his first significant release.

This is as much a show case for Ashkan’s musical skills, from composition to lyric writing to multi-instrumentalism to production, as it is a suite of songs in its own right. This EP not only connects the dots of his musical learning, but also connects the flavours of the cultures he has lived in and the styles that have influenced him.

‘Long Vivid Dream’ was recorded in Montreal between April 2013 and October 2015. It features vocalist Alexis Nadeau, who Malayeri met through a mutual friend in September 2013. The EP also involves Grammy and Oscar-winning music producer Jeff Bass, best known for his long-term work with Eminem.

The first single from the EP is‘Black and Grey’, a song shot through with the melancholia and angst that crept in from the cold Canadian winters he now found himself acclimatising to. But it also sums up the myriad textures found on the record, a mix of chilled and measured washes, which are used as platforms for more intricate sounds from raw guitars and plaintive pianos to pop beats and even sultry jazz grooves. Facebookhere.

A mixture of musical genres and sounds are blended into a refined soundtrack that obtains some rock grit through a short guitar break. Add in the dreamy gentle vocals&'Black and Grey'really is a song that stands out.


The Vacationists- Bush Turkey.

Background -Petersham's The Vacationists return with haunting and atmospheric new single Bush Turkey. The single bristles with post-punk energy and builds on a recurring minimalistic lead melody to a roaring crescendo. Its restless energy and Lynchian musings on obsession make it The Vacationists’ darkest release to date.

Recorded and mixed DIY style in living/bed/sun rooms across Sydney's inner west, the band retains their lo-fi wall-of-sound approach with layers of hazy guitars, brooding keyboards, and three voices.

The band started out in 2014 over a shared love of Phil Spector arrangements, dirty guitar tones, inexpensive beer and pop melodies, and have continued to pour their hearts into their offbeat songs ever since.

Known for their fun and loud live shows, which they have brought all the way from Newtown to Dunedoo and back again, The Vacationists will bring this fun-loud combo to the Botany View Hotel on August 25th to launch Bush Turkey (supported by Okin Osan). Bandcamphere.

A tightly delivered, understated musical arrangement, pairs well with the moody low key vocals on'Bush Turkey'. The songs energy levels build& the track has a burst of emotion that reminds us The Vacationists are wide awake& ready to twist and turn on a whim.


Yoke Lore- Only You.

Background -Yoke Lore Releases New Music Video For"Only You", Goodpain EP out now. Yoke Lore started 2017 with a bang, playing shows alongside Wild Child& Urban Cone and making his SXSW debut. In spring, Yoke Lore joined Overcoats, Shura& The Pains of Being Pure At Heart for a slew of dates; this summer, he's playing a handful of festivals as well as supporting Brick + Mortar - see below for routing! 

Yoke Lore, the new musical venture of Adrian​Galvin, previously of Yellerkin​ and Walk the Moon​. Galvin grew up in an artistic family, his mother a director and his father an actor and sculptor. He was immersed in painting, photography, and ballet from an early age, eventually finding his first musical passion in the drums. 

While pursuing music, his artistry in other disciplines has not faltered, even lending his own artwork as the cover of his 2016 debut EP. Far Shore EP achieved over 4 million Spotify streams, 3 Hype Machine​ top ten singles, and songs from the EP were featured in MTV’s The Real World and Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet. Galvin’s newest EP, Goodpain, has racked up over 2 million Spotify streams in a short period of time and includes the #1 Hype Machine song “Goodpain”. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

'Only You'is an extremely catchy track, both with the notable and engaging vocals and a clever musical arrangement that mixes power and refrains seamlessly. With a creative song like this I hope that Adrian​Galvin's many artistic endeavours, will find music remaining a core feature.

Andrew Johnston - Juanita Stein - Anna Tosh - Marc Baker beehivecandy
Andrew Johnston- Redheads (Video premiere).

Background -Today we have the new video for"Redheads"from Andrew Johnston's new album"The New Great Game."It was directed by Sinbad Richardson who has worked with various notables including Sam Roberts, Plants and Animals, and Young Galaxy.

On his latest album, the Murray Lightburn (The Dears) produced“The New Great Game” Andrew Johnston paints in broad, expansive brushstrokes, delivering 12 killer rock anthems for troubled times, with just enough redemption to keep hope alive.

Growing up in Ottawa and now calling Montreal home, Andrew has had the great fortune of a career that has included work with some of Montreal’s finest including Richard White (Besnard Lakes), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone), George Donoso (Sam Roberts, the Dears), JF Robitaille and many more.

 “The New Great Game” is the sound of an artist earnestly aiming for the bleachers and holding nothing back. If a certain aesthetic of coy restraint has become fashionable within indie rock circles, this album grabs the listener from minute one and seems to earnestly proclaim that there is no time to lose; we must love now, yearn now, strive now: our dreams will live or die in this moment.

Title track“the New Great Game” is indicative of the terrain we are in here. Starting with a Springsteen-esque piano figure that descends into a wall of carefully crafted 6 and 12 string guitars, “The New Great Game” careens into a chantalong breakdown section to make the Hold Steady jealous, before changing gears and sinuously weaving its way to a riveting conclusion of stacked vocals, wailing guitars and pounding drums.

With lyrics such as“ain’t there somewhere we can go where it still feels right - ain’t there something we could say that don’t feel like diffidence”, it is clear that Andrew is in big picture mode, trying to make a statement about the hardships and cruelty of the modern world that still makes room for magic,a little romance, and the dreamer that is inside us all. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

We first featured Andrew Johnston back in November of last year, and it is a delight to be able to premiere the video for'Redheads'taken from the'The New Great Game'album. Previously we commented that his"musicianship is first class and Andrews vocals are equally pleasing"something that is now for me, confirmed as a natural hallmark of quality, as demonstrated both through the new album and the imaginative music video for'Redheads'.


Juanita Stein- Someone Else's Dime.

Background -Juanita Stein has unveiled a new song and music video from her upcoming solo album,'America', out on 28th July (Nude Records). Director Rob Loud, tells us,"My goal is to create a feeling, and let the artist’s lyrics and music tell the story. For this video, the visuals are meant to evoke a sense of strength from moving on, and the trepidations of starting over again." 

The video follows Juanita freely flowing across Western America, in a cinematic exploration of striking landscapes and evocative vocals. The recognisably romantic setting fits well with an album pertaining primarily to the inevitable disparity between expectations and reality that so many encounter in pursuit of an"American dream."

Already well known as singer and songwriter for the Australian rock band, Howling Bells, Stein is ready to release her first solo full-length. She worked with renowned producer Gus Seyffert (Beck, Ryan Adams) to complete the album. Stein recently gave a dazzling performance with Tom Petty in Hyde Park and is gearing up for a full tour of the UK and Ireland. Websitehere, Facebookhere,live dates are already on Beehive Candy's tour news page.

At the start of the month we featured I'll Cry'from Juanita Stein and now we can share the new video for'Someone Else's Dime'. There are some beautiful new folk (or maybe country) rock vibes in this melodic and addictive song, ensuring the forthcoming album remains firmly on our radar.


Anna Tosh- Weightless.

Background -London born and bred, Anna Tosh has been lending her considerable six-string skills to a varied roster of bands since she was a teenager, among them Wildhood, Love Nor Money, Hey Gravity and Shotgun Venus. But with her own collection of striking self-penned songs demanding attention, and the assistance of a red-hot rhythm section in waiting– Herman Stephens (bass) and Jeremy JayJay (drums) – Anna decided it was high time to make her mark as a solo artist. 

“My intention for my solo project was simply to write some songs for myself, with no boundaries or expectations,” she says. “I was deliberately trying not to think of what anyone else might expect me to do, and chucked the idea of seeming cool out of the window.” 

As a musician who has turned her hand to a whole host of styles when performing with others, it was inevitable that disparate influences would shape her songwriting.“My roots are in punk, rock and blues,” says Anna, “but I have been playing and listening to hip hop, drum and bass, funk, psychedelia, dream pop, experimental electronica…”

Anna’s decision to take more control over her musical output was part of a general reappraisal of her life direction following a relationship break-up. She emerged galvanised and positive, reflected in the songs that comprise her debut EP, ‘One Big Fire’, which deal with friends, lovers and an acceptance of the capriciousness of these relationships. “They come and go from one moment to the next,” says Anna. “It’s a never ending source of inspiration how weird life is.”

About‘Weightless’: To a soul-infused alt-rock groove, as cool as midnight in Reykjavik and performed by a band as intuitive and tight-knit as sometimes only a three-piece can be, vocalist/guitarist Anna Tosh tells of her recurring dream. In it, she walks across a beach into the sea and is swept away,to a place of aquatic mystery and uncertain companionship. “It’s about returning to the unconscious realm and drifting underwater to meet with lost figures from the past and future”, says Anna. “It’s about magical transformation.” Facebookhere.

'Weightless'has a rhythmic and bluesy feel that is both catchy and a little hypnotic. Anna's vocals contrast well with this type of song, adding some refinement whilst remaining rock'n'roll enough, to make the whole piece work.


Marc Baker- No Place I'd Rather Be.

Background -LA-based new wave and post-punk artist Marc Baker has shared his debut track"No Place I'd Rather Be". Marc Baker brings attitude to pop and romance to punk. He throws roses into the crowd. He swings the mic around his neck while donning a three-piece suit. This is what’s to expect when the Melbourne born and bred singer takes the stage.

The music, too, is reflective of all these things compounded with the frenetic energy and indelible melodies prevalent on the records he grew up listening to, which continue to serve as inspiration. Filtered through his and producer Benjamin Plant’s (Miami Horror) discerning ears—the songs recorded during their sessions yield a contemporary spin on that beloved, vintage sound.

The first single is entitled“No Place I’d Rather Be.” Its refrain illustrates the emotion Baker so brazenly wears on his sleeve: “There is no place I’d rather be than next to you, holding hands, watching the world fall to pieces,” he sings.

But it’s the yearning expressed—that desire and desperation to connect—which is most revelatory about Baker and the timeliness of his arrival. Sure, while that sentiment of longing is no stranger to song—it’s perhaps even more relevant today, where connectivity, though ostensibly at our fingertips, has never been so far away. Facebookhere.

'No Place I'd Rather Be'has some feisty flowing synths and a tight rhythm that makes for an energised background, something that works very well with Marc Baker's equally flowing vocals.

The Dot And The Line - Get A Life - Fastball - Diesel Park West - Bradley Wik&The Charlatans beehivecandy
The Dot And The Line- Draw Me In.

Background -English duo Dot and the Line’s have released their alluring debut single “Draw Me In.” Based in Los Angeles and consisting of keyboardist, guitarist, and programmer Ned Douglas and vocalist Hetty Clark, The Dot and The Line were born from a shared love of classic downtempo electronica and dark cinematic soundscapes.

“Draw Me In” represents the pair’s enigmatic blend of analog synths, programmed beats, and Clark's hushed vocals. According to Clark,“Draw Me In” also reflects The Dot and The Line's interest in human intimacy:

“It's like watching a sketch unfold and then be redrawn in a changing social world. The song celebrates and flirts with this feeling of danger, and with the quiet allure that comes with change. It is not difficult to notice how saturated and absorbed people are in their online lives. There is a morbidity in this. In valuing a virtual life over a face-to-face life, we are generating a world of individuals who are connecting to disparate groups - but in an emotionally detached way. It’s as if the rules of relating are all being re-written before our eyes. This feels liberating and dangerous when you scratch the surface.”

Douglas explains that the duo’s songs are “often moody in atmosphere because we are both drawn to cinematic soundscapes. We appreciate music that is expansive and full of tension.” Inspired by Jean Rhys’ belief that “you need a dark background to show the bright colours,” The Dot and The Line insist that “if a song has a dark vibe, the darkness can act as a background out of which something euphoric can emerge.” Facebookhere.

'Draw Me In'mixes dusky and richly layered synth sounds with some equally down tempo and darkly dramatic vocals. The shadowy video catches and amplifies this mood, on what is an outstanding debut single.


Get A Life- What You Deserve.

Background -Get A Life is a band inspired. It comes from a drive to keep pretending life won’t start keeping score till you decide. Get A Life is reactionary. In a world where everything is a facade and nothing actually works (How is Spotify busted?!), Get A Life pulls the curtain back, sets it on fire, gets naked, reaches out for a hug and says, “Come as you are. PLUR. Who’s hungry?”. Get A Life is family. With Our Band Could Be Your Get A Life, the band’s debut album, they are forcing themselves into the guitar music narrative by interrupting the conversation to talk about themselves. Get A Life needs you. Get A Life is your narcissistic friend with incredible hair who isconstantly asking, “How’s my hair?”, just so you can pad the stats with the retort, “PERF!!!”. Get A Life is V Get A Life.

The recordings are rare. When Chase DeMaster (Very Jazzed, children of pop, Deep Cuts) met Yuuki Mathews (The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, David Bazan) at a house party he only had a handful of demos. It wasn’t until Yuuki got excited about doing an album that the project turned into a real thing. How could you say no to making a record with one of your idols? More songs turned to demos, demos turned to stems, stems to final mixes, Cody Smith jumped onboard for mastering and now we have a Lo-Fi recordof incredibly refined taste. Sometimes the band humorously pretends to be sophisticated by replacing the word “Get” with the word “Take” during practice. EX: They refer to their hit song, “Get A Job”, as, “Take A Job”, or change the band name from,"Get A Life”, to, “Take A Life”. See, Get A Life can be serious too. Seriously Rad... AF.

"This was a really fun song to make. From the jump, I wanted to make a banger. I wanted the drums to blast out of people's speakers and create an instant groove on a feel-good-to-be-around-friends tip. I had the chord progression from a leftover song, as well as bits and pieces of melodic content. Lyrically, the song is reflects on the balance of work and play. It feels good to indulge when justified by healthy productivity, but as the song unfolds, in a kind of Shakespearean twist, you hear what happens when you play too much. That's when the guitar takes the baton. It pushes things up and over the edge with a rippin'solo, a fit of noise and technique not unlike something from the FUGAZI x Sufjan Stevens school of sound."- Get A Life

On August 4th, Get A Life releases,"What You Deserve", their debut single via #veryjazzed / Frenchkiss Label Group. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

With a chunky rhythm, fuzzy guitars and potent vocals all colliding together'What You Deserve'should on paper equal chaos. It's the passion and energy that gives it some order, alongside a very deep hook, that almost urges the listener to hit replay.


Fastball- Behind The Sun.

Background -Fastball released their 6th album, Step Into Light, earlier this summer and immediately set out on an extensive North American tour with Everclear. The new album is available through the band’s own 33 1/3 label and is the first Fastball collection to get a vinyl LP release. The band is now launching their own headlining tour beginning July 20th in Atlanta with multiple stops across the country through October. 

With nearly 20 years of musical explorations and milestones under its belt, Fastball remains one of the most consistent and continuously celebrated rock bands on the road today. The group recorded the new album Step Into Light in their hometown of Austin, Texas, with the three bandmates co-producing with longtime friend Chris"Frenchie"Smith.

The resulting collection extends Fastball’s widely-loved body of work, which encompasses such acclaimed albums as their 1996 debut Make Your Mama Proud, their 1998 platinum breakthrough All the Pain Money Can Buy (which spawned the Grammy-nominated Top Five hit"The Way"), 2000's The Harsh Light of Day, 2004's Keep Your Wig On and 2009's Little White Lies. Websitehere,live dates on Beehive Candy's Tour News page.

Is it just me or does'Behind The Sun'remind you of The Beatles at least in part? See that as a compliment, this is a fabulous song, from a well established band. That they can turn out a very catchy song, make it seem simple, and at just over two minutes ensure I want more, is for me at least, pretty cool and some..


Diesel Park West- Summer of Love EP.

Background -The Summer of Love was an extraordinary moment in history - a hedonistic blast of glamour, ecstasy, and Utopianism that drew 75,000 people to the streets of San Francisco in 1967. 

The Vietnam War was raging, anti-war protests were surging, civil rights had morphed into Black Power, and the Beatles& Bob Dylan were voicing a cultural revolution on the airwaves. Psychedelic drugs were a sacrament, and everything was spiritual. The youth led the way. They opened the door, and everybody went through it. Everything changed after that.

“The songs! Wow! Will these pearls of hippie pop ever date? We don’t think so! Their original inbuilt dynamics fall and rise with such a truly instinctive yet musical confidence they’ll always arouse two things in a listener: an intellectual curiosity and a musical connection that locks indelibly into their groove.” — Jon C Butler

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Summer Of Love, Diesel Park West have recorded four of their favourite songs from 1967. Played live in the studio, this is their collective touchstone of songs– those played in rehearsal or jams right from the beginning.

Lead track‘For What It’s Worth’ (Revisited) is surely as prescient today as it was 50 years ago in the hands of Buffalo Springfield. We’re still sitting here wondering how it's going to pan out or if it ever can. Next up is the Youngbloods classic‘Let's Get Together’ followed by The Jefferson Airplane's‘Somebody To Love’ - one of the first big hits to come out of the US West Coast counterculture scene. The EP closes in style with ‘Alone Again Or’ from Love album Forever Changes. Released on Strataville, the Summer of Love EP is available digitally to stream/buy now. Websitehere, Facebookhere.

The'Summer of Love EP'takes me back to my childhood (I emphasise childhood), the thing is that with three older siblings, it was songs like this that I grew up to. From a musical perspective I was a spoilt child, and wow was I spoilt (musically that is, keep up!). Anyhow Diesel Park West have done these songs proud, showing respect for the originals and allowing their own talent to shine through.


Bradley Wik& The Charlatans- Lookin'At Luckey.

Background -Bradley Wik& The Charlatans released their second single,"Lookin'at Luckey"last Friday. Just like Odysseus, Bradley Wik has always been too far from home, a Midwest boy searching for the music that once was and that could be once again. For the record title, Bradley takes a line from the Thin Lizzy song,"Got to Give it Up." He has lived a lot more life than his age would let on. Battling with drugs and alcohol, failed relationships, and personal struggle, this new record is a way for the singer-songwriter to come to terms with his rambling lifestyle.

Clinging closely to the belief that raw, organic music has the power to penetrate the airwaves again, Bradley has broken the mold of modern trends and gone back to its roots, recording as a band, together, in one room, to tape; and without social media. 

Wise beyond his years, Bradley draws on themes of redemption. There’s an unmatched vitality that he brings to his music; it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be worth it. What makes music great? The stories. And the moment where someone listening says, “that’s me.” Bradley Wik& The Charlatans"In My Youth, I'm Getting Old..."will be available September 15th, 2017. Websitehere.

We featured the first single just four weeks back and the new song'Lookin'At Luckey'is just as good, deserving to be added to our output. So the background words above might be familiar to some of you, but hey, it's hot, I've had a very busy couple of days (OK having fun), just enjoy the song, it's bodes well for the album.

David Gilmour - Facing The Love In Bethlehem (1984) soundaboard
FLEET FOXES - BERLIN 2017 bigozine2
The Warp/The Weft - Ummagma - Amadou&Mariam - Belle Game - Ritual Talk beehivecandy
Garbage - The Blow - MOON - Annie Hart - Emily Rockarts - Frankie Rose beehivecandy
AL STEWART - SWEDEN 1973 bigozine2
DEPECHE MODE - LISBON 2017 bigozine2
Journey - Record Plant, Sausalito soundaboard
Peter Gabriel The Big Room Session 2003 soundaboard
VJ Pack 11: George Harrison with Eric Clapton - Days of Speed soundaboard
JJ Cale - High Sierra Music Festival, Leland Meadows, CA 1993 soundaboard
Van Halen: Tora! Tora! Tora!. Capitol Theater, Largo, Maryland, USA - 1980-05-01. (Soundboard :: FLAC&MP3 @320 Kbps) vivalesbootlegs
Genesis: Live After Dividing. NEC, Birmingham, UK + Prague, Czech Republic - February 1998. (Double CD :: Soundboard :: mp3 320 kbps&FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Three (Emerson, Berry, Palmer): Live Power in Atlanta. Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 1988.05.17. (Double CD - Ex Soundboard/FM - FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
SaRon Crenshaw LIVE At Terra Blues NY 2006 soundaboard
John Hiatt - New York 1979 soundaboard
Cheap Trick LIVE Liverpool England 1979-02-03 (FM) soundaboard
Def Leppard: X World Tour 2002 Feels Like I Feel. Shibuya Koukaido, Tokyo, Japan - 2002-11-26. (Double CD - EX Audience - Lossless FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Joe Lynn Turner feat. New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra: Tribute To Rainbow. Tokyo, Japan - August 04, 2006. (Double CD :: Mp3 @320 kbps&FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Rolling Stones: Light Up The Town. Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California, USA - 1981-10-07. (Double CD :: TMoQ :: Lossless FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Rush: Mystery Eyes. International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois, USA - 1981-03-01. (Double CD - EX+ Audience - Lossless FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Aerosmith: Pump up The Volume. Wantagh, NY 1994.09.04 + Foxboro, MA, USA 1993.09.06. (Double CD :: Lossless FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Picture: Earthquake Festival 1983. Holland - 1983.04.30. (Ex+ Audience :: Lossless FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
Kiss: Budokan 2013 Complete. Budokan, Tokyo, Japan - 2013.10.23+24. (Cuadruple CD :: Ex Audience :: FLAC) vivalesbootlegs
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Metal From Steel Town hearrockcity
MAY God Save The QUEEN... hearrockcity
With A Little Help From Our Friends hearrockcity
AC/DC 1988 nathansclassicrockmoat
Billy Joel - Buffalo, NY - 12-08-90 nathansclassicrockmoat
Electric Light Orchestra - Boston, MA - 03-19-76 nathansclassicrockmoat
Van Morrison - Boston, MA - 04-30-07 nathansclassicrockmoat
Van Halen - Edmonton, AB - 09-18-79 nathansclassicrockmoat
Barenaked Ladies - Winnipeg, MB - 12-08-12 nathansclassicrockmoat
Steve Earle 2013 nathansclassicrockmoat
Trevor Rabin - San Diego, CA - 12-12-89 nathansclassicrockmoat
Yes - Toronto, Ont - 04-20-79 nathansclassicrockmoat
Yusuf Islam - Rotterdam, NL - 05-20-11 nathansclassicrockmoat
Frank Zappa: Mystery Box 10CDs FLAC qualitybootz
Pink Floyd: Definitive Oakland 1977 (Sigma 37) FLAC qualitybootz
End Of The Road! backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 991. GHOSTFACE KILLAH – More Fish (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 992. LUPE FIASCO – Fod & Liquor (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 993. RICHARD HAWLEY – Coles Corner (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 994. M.I.A. – Kala (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 995. CHRISTINA AGUILERA – Back To Basic (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 996. ALI FARKA TOURE – Savane (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 997. MUSE – Black Holes And Revelations (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 998. ARTIC MONKEYS – Whatever People Say I Am… (2006) backandon
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: 999. JOANNA NEWSOM – Ys (2006) backandon
Grateful Dead - 1971-06-21 - Herouville, FR (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Sting - 2006-07-11 - Montreux, CH (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Judas Priest - 2004-06-10 - Norje, SWE (FM/FLAC) T.U.B.E.
Volbeat - 2012-08-02 - Wacken, DE (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Mike Oldfield - 1984-09-08 - Viareggio, IT (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Mastodon - 2012-05-27 - Landgraaf, NL (DVDfull pro-shot) by REQUEST T.U.B.E.
Scorpions - 2012-08-04 - Wacken, DE (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Saxon - 2012-08-02 - Wacken, DE (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
The Afghan Whigs - 2012-08-11 - Rees-Haldern, DE (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
Wilco - 2012-08-11 - Rees-Haldern, DE (DVDfull pro-shot) T.U.B.E.
New Site NOW OPEN qualitybootz
Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys: Ann Arbor 1964 (Soundboard) FLAC qualitybootz
Led Zeppelin: Inglewood 1970 (VG+ Aud) qualitybootz
Bruce Springsteen: New York 1982 (VG+ Aud) FLAC qualitybootz
Dire Straits: Luxembourgh 1981 (VG+ Aud) FLAC qualitybootz
Freddie King: Bremen 1974 (FM) FLAC qualitybootz
Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and More: SRV Tribute in Austin 1995 (VG-/VG Aud) FLAC qualitybootz
Elliott Murphy: Karlsruhe 2006 (Soundboard) shn qualitybootz
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Ozzy Osbourne - OZZFEST 2010~ O2 Arena: London 08.18.2010 bootlegtunzworld
Little Feat&Friends - The Midnight Special 1977 bootlegtunzworld
Our KOOZIES make the space shuttle launch! bootlegtunzworld
Steel Wheels - Folkstage: Chicago 03.12.2011 bootlegtunzworld
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Chicago - Westwood One: The Park West, Chicago 1983 bootlegtunzworld
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